Sweet's Hotel was constructed on its present location in 1898 by William W. Sweet.  At that time, it was described as "one of the most modern three story hotels in many miles around."  The Mower County History book of 1911 describes it as being "well furnished and equipped and the cuisine is of the best." 
W. W. Sweet was a very prominent man in the county.  He was both a businessman and political figure.  He served as Mayor of LeRoy, deputy sheriff, assessor, and county commissioner.

Sweet was a veteran of the Civil War, serving three years in the First United Sates Ben David Sharp Shooters.  In 1864, after having participated in 27 major battles, he was discharged and came home from the hospital where he had been recovering from his wounds.

From the year 1911 when W. W. put P. T. Christensen in charge of hotel management, many diffrent individuals have either owned or managed the business.  In 1921 the names of Cy Thomson and Jay Hormel appear on the property abstract.  It was in this same year (1921) that Thomson was caught and jailed for embezzling from Hormel where he worked as comptroller.  In his autobiography, Thomson described how he embezzled $1,187,000.00 from Hormel.  He used the money in poultry operations and for an amusement center which was located just south of LeRoy into Iowa.  He was also just beginning the process of renovating the hotel.  As a result of Thomson's misgivings, ownership returned to Sweet.  Business ownership has changed many times through the years, while the building's lodging use has remained constant.

Today, the original 35 rooms have been reconfigured into eight suites and rooms. The owner's goal during the process of renovation was to honor the historical integrity of the building to the extent possible.  All of the original walls and door openings remain in place. Original doors, staircases, and wood trim have been reused.  We have chosen to use the original name of the business- Sweet's Hotel.

The HAUNTING: Yes, it has been said the hotel is haunted.  According to some, Frank Sweet (son of W.W.) and his wife Matilda have chosen to occupy the building.  Sightings and some supernatural events have been reported.  Please, do not let this hinder you from staying with us, as it appears that Frank and Matilda are pleased with the building's renovation.
Sweet's Hotel
Historic Hotel, Restaurant, and Lounge
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